Imply age didn’t differ somewhat between Hispanics and non-Latina Caucasians nor among Latina sandwich-teams

Imply age didn’t differ somewhat between Hispanics and non-Latina Caucasians nor among Latina sandwich-teams

More non-Hispanic Caucasians reported education beyond high school compared with Hispanics, but ethnic subgroups of Hispanics received similar education. Body mass index was overall higher in Hispanics compared to non-Hispanic Caucasians, but did not differ among Hispanics. Financial strain was significantly more prevalent among Hispanics compared to non-Hispanic Caucasians (p < 0.01)>

Vasomotor attacks and you will vaginal dry skin

With respect to vasomotor symptoms, Hispanics had a higher prevalence of vasomotor symptoms than non-Hispanic Caucasians (p = 0.029) ( Dining table dos ). Post-hoc testing (with adjustment for multiple comparisons) indicated that CA women more often reported having vasomotor symptoms than D or Cu women (72.4% vs. 45.2 and 34.1%, respectively). Multivariable-adjusted logistic regression among the Hispanic women indicated differences in the odds ratios for vasomotor symptoms even after adjustment for acculturation (Model 1) ( Dining table step three ), although this was attenuated after further adjustment for covariates (Model 2). Point estimates for both models were in good agreement, however, and indicated that CA women had the greatest likelihood of vasomotor symptoms compared to PR women (odds ratio (OR) 2.9 (95% confidence interval (CI) 1.0–8.6) for Model 1, and OR 3.2 (95% CI 0.7–14.2) for Model 2). Significantly more reporting of hot flush-associated emotional upset and embarrassment (p < 0.0001>

Table 2

Proportion of females revealing each danger signal from the Hispanic ethnicity. Values is indicate (basic deviation) to own continued variables otherwise percent (n) having categorical parameters, p opinions to possess ? dos

Table 3

Design 2, totally adjusted model adjusted to possess many years, training, amount of acculturation (lowest compared to. medium/high), menopause reputation, smoking, SES (very hard to pay for concepts), solution hormone (follicle stimulating hormones, estradiol, testosterone, sex hormone binding globulin), bmi, stage time, and you will sexual pastime

More Latina female claimed genital dry skin, ranging from 17.9% to have Publicity female in order to 58.6% having Ca feminine, than just did non-Hispanic Caucasians, 21.1% out of whom stated so it symptom (p = 0.029; Table dos ). Mathematically high variations in genital dryness had been discover one of Hispanics (p = 0.003); post-hoc testing that have improvement to possess multiple contrasting revealed that California female had a significantly high frequency away from genital dryness than just Advertising, Cu and you will SA feminine, plus D women advertised genital dry skin (38.1%) than performed Advertising women (17.9%). One another D (Or step 3.0; 95% CI step 1.1–8.3) and you may Ca female (Or 8.5; 95% CI 2.7–twenty six.6) were likely to be than was Pr women so you can report vaginal dry skin throughout the minimally adjusted design including adjustment to have acculturation (Model step one). Once full variations, the overall area rates have been kept (3.nine to own D feminine) however, diminished from the Ca female (step three.8) and the 95% CIs incorporated step 1.0.

Troubles when you look at the resting

Latina women complete and you will low-Hispanic Caucasians stated similar troubles in sleep, but, among Hispanic subgroups, extreme variations was in fact seen. Post-hoc review (which have modifications getting several contrasting) revealed that Public relations and you may D female had a top prevalence out of difficulties for the sleeping (66.1% and you will 64.3%, respectively), and therefore differed somewhat anywhere between Cu and you can SA female (36.4% and forty-five.3%, respectively).

Reproductive hormonal

Reproductive hormones don’t disagree between Hispanics and you may low-Hispanic Caucasians, except for testosterone, that has been large in the Cu than in SA female. During the article-hoc analysis, Latina subgroups failed to differ rather inside their hormone account.


Herein we have advertised significant variations in popular menopause episodes possibly associated with the menopause transition inside cultural subgroups of Latina ladies in SWAN. These studies demonstrated you to very hot flushes, vaginal dry skin, and possibly related episodes including cold sweats and you can dizziness are reported additionally by the Hispanic women compared to the low-Hispanic Caucasians, and you will was indeed likely to getting said by the Main Western female. Vaginal dry skin was said because of the alot more Latina than just non-Latina Caucasian feminine, and you can was more common within the Central American and you will Dominican female inside all of our cohort. Such latter results continuing just after changes for the majority most potential covariates.

Imply age didn’t differ somewhat between Hispanics and non-Latina Caucasians nor among Latina sandwich-teams

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