Appendix: for the Choice of the blend off Gender–Number Combinations

Appendix: for the Choice of the blend off Gender–Number Combinations

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The four rationally you can easily combos as well as their characteristics try illustrated for the (21)

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So it part describes specific tech issues about the options produced in the design of our experiment, inside light of the unique services of South carolina morphology. It’s lined up primarily for those selecting brand new theoretical and you will detailed linguistic, in the place of psycholinguistic regions of the analysis.

In our experimental framework, i’ve capitalized on the proven fact that when you look at the Sc NSg nouns stop in a choice of -elizabeth or in -o, and this its plural results in -an effective, when you are at the same time FSg nouns bring about -a beneficial, and their plural variations cause -elizabeth. That it yields a beneficial entered, but really partial syncretism.

The combination from NSg and FPl makes it possible for the synthesis of limited sets between a great syncretic and you can ukrainian order bride a non-syncretic pair of nouns, because the mix of NPl and you may FSg makes it possible for just one chance, that’s syncretic.

We utilized limited pairs such as (20a) inside our crucial stimuli. The brand new selected choice, yet not, allows for one or two sandwich-choice, depending on and this sex–number integration appear due to the fact very first, and you will and this since past conjunct. This was decided by some other comparable consideration.

New verb contains the fresh new endings: -o for NSg, -an as NPl and you can FSg, or -age to have FPl – we.e., you can easily identify NSg of FPl toward verb. This means that, besides the unambiguously default male end -i, whenever an effective verb from inside the -age was introduced, we were sure it actually was FPl, and in case an excellent verb inside -o is introduced, i know it absolutely was NSg. Although not, when a beneficial verb during the -a got introduced – it had been uncertain if this is plural, agreeing into the gender on very first conjunct (NPl), or it was one and you can concurred for the gender for the history conjunct (FSg).

Appendix: for the Choice of the blend off Gender–Number Combinations

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