I love taking projects all the way through – writing, graphic design, directing videos, editing videos, development

I love taking projects all the way through – writing, graphic design, directing videos, editing videos, development

I’m Jeff Sweeton- a technology educator in Chicago working with various groups including Coent at Northwestern University and a church on the West Side. I’m also a freelance filmmaker and former Clubhouse Coordinator- I can attest first-hand to the inspiration that this approach to learning breeds! As a filmmaker and artist, I was pretty disengaged in science and math classes growing up and, discovering the Media Lab and its ideas, I realized I could command these skills too: it then became clear to me that all creativity is really universal.

I tried to join you all for the 2nd LCL but got kicked off the server: I’ve got to run now to help a student recording a documentary but I look forward to reading again what you all are doing!

Hi! Working for LEGO Education in Denmark with our internal knowledge center about learning and creativity, I am thrilled to be participating in this course Anna-Sophie

Hi – I’m an Instructional Designer for a healthcare system in eastern North Carolina. I’m a jack of all trades type who grew into ID through creative writing, technical writing, and web design.

What else – I’m from New Hampshire, desperately miss Vermont, have two dogs and two cats. and will be an empty nester in August,

Wow lot’s of learners. I am an artist/writer/ poet/ educator. Actor is in there too. I live in Arizona and write and teach and make stuff. I blog about teaching here

I’m Jill. I live in Amsterdam and am participating in this course as a sort of experiment for my own learning and creative development process. I have a tendency to get distracted – oh, look, a bird – so I really, seriously hope to stick through this and make it to the end. Happy to be a part of this community to learn from others, and also find new inspiration.

I live quietly with hookupdate.net/friendfinder-x-review/ my canine children in a small burg, W. of Seattle. I am a retired educator and trainer, always learning something new and in search of the holy grail of learning. My days are spent reading, writing, watching old videos, grazing with my dogs, and thinking about thinking. Stop in at my BLOG at: Nothing for sale there, but you may find something useful or entertaining. Cheers to all.

I’m Heather, an advertising creative (boo, I know) in Minneapolis. It was fascinating today, listening to their conversation about the process of creative learning-and eerily familiar. The 4 P’s are precisely what I experience and observe everyday at the office. However, work is not entirely why I’m here. I’m just a nerd. I spend my free time reading and learning everything I can get my eyeballs on. Excited to hear more of what these guys have to teach.

Each of these have been equally exciting and fun places to work

Hi, my name is Sachin and I am joining this group from India. As a day job, I lead Learning & Development for one of the big 4 consulting firms based here. Over the past 16 years, I have helped hotels, banks, tech giants and internet retailers, drive up human potential.

When I’m not thinking about teaching, I’m usually playing the ukulele. I am not very good, but I play anyway.

I love learning new things, trying new things, thinking up new things, and bottom line am always looking for the best most relevant engaging approach for our adult learners

Social Entrepreneur, ICT Consultant, Research tools for early childhood education.Owner Vandecreek ConsultingAssociate Center for Community Support and Research (CCSR) at Wichita State UniversityBoard Member Trees for Life, International

I love taking projects all the way through – writing, graphic design, directing videos, editing videos, development

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