N. certain panel for De-Colonization, after numerous classes, provided its report and resolutions with regards to Puerto Rico

N. certain panel for De-Colonization, after numerous classes, provided its report and resolutions with regards to Puerto Rico

1. Reaffirms the inalienable appropriate of Puerto Rico to self-determination and independence, in line with standard Assembly-resolution 15H (XV) of 14 December, 1960.

2. desires the federal government of united states to avoid having any strategies which can impair the complete and complimentary workout from the individuals of their inalienable right to self-determination and liberty, together with of their financial, social and other rights, and, specifically, to stop any violation of those legal rights by systems corporate under the legislation.

The report furthermore stated the U.N. Secretariat would help accumulate all essential suggestions, like a?the opinions of the many people concerneda? for the intended purpose of assisting the consideration regarding the question in 1974; hence the Committee would a?keep practical question under steady evaluation.a?


The folks around the world, most especially we, individuals of the U.S., must applaud this decision of this De-Colonization Committee, which requires the U.S. value ideal of self-determination. The report throws practical question on the colonial updates of Puerto Rico throughout the U.N. schedule and for that reason throws it before the peoples worldwide regarding escaping . information about Puerto Rico’s ancient battle for national liberation.

However, additionally, we must realize that the nationwide liberation of Puerto Rico will not leave the erican imperialists try not to accept any individuals correct of self-determination. Nor will national liberation come across demanding your U.S. imperialists commemorate a a?Bi-Centennial Without Colonies.a? Imperialism was a world-wide system of plunder and subjugation. It is the highest level of capitalism, perhaps not a policy plumped for from the bourgeoisie. Imperialism can’t live without colonies. Truly parasitic, and as such truly a blood-sucker, sucking the blood around the globe’s men. And it’s really moribund, combat until its latest breath.

Hence, imperialism and all reactionaries should be looked over, essentially, from a long-lasting perspective, from a proper standpoint, need to be seen for what they’re…paper tigers. On this subject we have to build our very own strategic thinking. Conversely, also live tigers, metal tigers, actual tigers that could devour folks. On this we must create our very own tactical planning.

The comrades are making obvious this opponent cannot step down from the period of record naturally accord. No, for for the epoch of imperialism, the contradiction between the colonies and imperialism should be fixed just by technique of national revolutionary combat.

The liberation of Puerto Rico needs to be achieved by the people led because of the proletariat as well as its vanguard party, a Marxist-Leninist celebration, in equipped battle. Today the specific situation in Puerto Rico is within an innovative upsurge a that is the objective circumstance. As well, the communist forces must lead the masses consciously against U.S. imperialism.

But there’s however no celebration associated with the proletariat and the strengthening of this vanguard celebration continues to be the main job regarding communists in Puerto Rico

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Putting ahead these types of slogans as a?Bi-Centennial Without Coloniesa? doesn’t make this happen task, while the slogan itself is in contradiction to Marxism-Leninism. It develops illusions, social-pacifist (socialist in keywords, pacifist in deeds) illusions, bourgeois illusions. Additionally, it belittles the character and duty with the communists in Puerto Rico, and additionally belittling the obligation regarding the proletariat for the U.S.

Obligation of U.S. Proletariat

The duty of communists (the higher level detachment of working class) in addition to proletariat into the oppressor country is always to most importantly understand that no country tends to be free when it oppresses additional regions.

N. certain panel for De-Colonization, after numerous classes, provided its report and resolutions with regards to Puerto Rico

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